Guide to Living in Korea

You can go through the articles below to get a fair idea about the cost of living in Seoul and Korea.

Cost of Living in Seoul, Korea.

Is Korea Expensive.. a guide to living expenses in Korea.

Things to do.. before planning your trip to Korea and on arrival to Korea.

If you are missing Indian Television and FM Radio. Or if you like to keep yourself updated about India by reading newspaper daily then you can read it here.

If you want to visit an Indian Temple in Seoul, Korea then you can visit Krishna Korea’s official website.

If you are missing Indian Food then you can savor them by visiting a few Indian Restaurants in Seoul.

Then there are some useful websites about living and enjoying life in Korea.

If you are kinda lost in translation and need some help to resolve your issues then you must visit Seoul Global Center.

If you have any reservations about trying Korean Food then you can read about it over here.

If you want to learn Korea then there are many resources for doing so.

If you want to meet more Indians living, working or studying in Korea then you must visit Indians in Korea website and register with their yahoo group.

To Subscribe in IIK group, mail to

Group Link:

Here in this group you will find more than 10,000 Indians working or studying in Korea. So if you are not able to find answers to your query you must register on their yahoo group and post you queries on the group to get it answered by Indians living in Korea.


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