Korea Vs Greece

13 06 2010

The World Cup fever is now here in Korea and how.

There are many a parks and public places in Korea these days where the Korean Government as well as biggies like Hyundai, SKT are hosting the World Cup live using Massive LCD screens… and it is one awesome experience.

So yesterday I had been to Seoul Plaza, City Hall to experience the Korea vs Greece match with my friends. And regardless of the weather – THE RAINS – the whole of Korea was out on the streets in their true spirits to cheer for their team.

It was so much fun to see everyone in red tees and wearing the Red Devil Horns..

And as we all know – KOREA WON… to the cheering of the crowd – DAE HAN MIN GUK – all the way..


Jjajangmyeon with Nuna

25 05 2010

For my lunch I visit a small sandwich shop very close to my office where this lady makes nice toast with egg n pickles. The first time when I went to her shop she asked me few things in Korean, like where I am from, how long I have been here etc. As such I did not expect her to speak English so I started chatting with her in broken Korean.

I continued visiting her place everyday during lunch time and we started chatting in her broken English and my broken Korean about places, weather, my family, her family, Indian food, my marital status etc. We kinda developed a bond and I was liking it coz it gave me an opportunity to improvise on my Korean Speaking skills.

At times, she would introduce me to her other customer and they would talk to me in English. She felt sorry at times that she could talk to me in English and there was so much to talk about. But she did manage to tell me that she was very happy to see me.  I started calling her Nuna, which means elder sister in Korean. And she spoke to me like her younger brother. She would ask what I do on weekends and if I knew cooking. When am I planning to get married etc.

Finally one day she invited me for dinner. She asked if I like Jjajangmyeon and I said yes. She told me that we can go together. But I kind of bounced as I was too busy with work. The next day when I went to her shop as usual she said she waited for me long and was disappointed. So we went out for lunch and had Jjajangmyeon in a Chinese Siktang (Restaurant). And it was really yummy. Jjajangmyeon is Chinese noodles with black sauce. It is very famous in Korea and Koreans eat it with great appetite. And now I am a big fan of it too. I seriously love Jjajangmyeon.

So when I was about to pay the bill, Nuna did not allow me to. She said next time, next time. That was so very sweet of her. I mean I am just her customer not even her employee or colleague and she treats me for lunch with her own money. I was truly touched by her affection and hospitality. Truly for me Korea is home away from home. The people here are so warm and friendly that it gives me one more reason to fall in love with Korea. I LOVE KOREA.

Cheers to more Lunch with my Nuna 🙂