Seoul Allergy Clinic

2 04 2010

While in India, I tried many a doctors – from ayurvedic to homeopathic to dermatologist for diagonising and treating my skin. I used to get this itching sensation once in a while all over my body. It was more like unconscious scratch and if I ignored it for a while then it used to get a bit untolerable. Most of the doctors I visited gave me some anti-allergen pills and some lotion/cream for applying. These were temporary treatments and the doctors somehow could never put a finger on my problem and tell me as to what could have triggered this itching.

After coming to Korea I visited Teng Teng Skin Clinic at Sinsa. The most hopeless  and unfriendly doctor I have ever met. He too like others gave me some anti-allergen pills and some lotion and never had answers to my questions. But he never told me about the side effects the pills would have on me. After 2 weeks I got constipated, thanks to his pills. And when I asked him about the same he told me to have more fruits and drink plenty of water. Which on my behalf I was very punctual about. I drank almost 1.5 litres of water and had healthy food. Had oats n cereals for breakfast, so there was no reason for me to get constipated and no reason for me to visit him again.

The saving grace for me was Seoul Allergy Clinic, close to Apgujeong and just about 5 mins walk from my office at Sinsa. For a change, this doctor did not give me any pills or lotion. They dioganise patients for food allergy and they did the same for me. After the first round of blood and allergy test he put me on an elimination diet. For the first week he told me to have only limited food and completely cut down on meat, diary products, certain vegetables, alcohol and packaged food. On my part I followed his plan and it worked for me.

The second week he told me to have meat, diary products but not the packaged food. This too worked for me. One day when I was not carrying my lunch I had some packaged (flavoured) bread and it triggered my itching again. So that really helped me to nail down the cause of my allergy (pseudo allergy as my doctor would say) – food additives, preservatives, packaged food with chemicals, artificial colors, flavors, essence, MSG (mono sodium glutamate used in Chinese food) etc.

Now I have completely stopped eating food from packets and cans, and this has helped me get rid of my itching for ever. In case if you are suffering from the same you can try the option above – eliminate packaged food,  chips and crackers, flavored breads, alcohol, sugar (replace it with honey), vitamin supplements, beverages, canned food, ready to cook food, coffee sticks (expresso or americano would do), pizza, burger, pasta and you will notice the difference.

If no, then please visit Seoul Allergy Clinic. You can also visit this this link.

For details you can contact – Kim Seol Ran / +82-2-540-4905

P. S. – The doctors speaks good English, has a very helpful staff and is very friendly.