Weekend Korean Classes at Onnuri Church near Seobinggo Station. Line 1

19 03 2010

Onnuri Church at Seobingo. Line 1, originally uploaded by breeze-O.

On weekends I attend my Korean Class @ Onnuri Guhe..

The Onnuri Church at Seobingo offers Korean Classes for free (tutoring) on weekends at all levels. The classes are held on Saturdays 11 am to 1 pm. On joining you are required to pay for the books, which is around 30,000 won and for snacks – again around 30,000 won (each term).

These classes are open for all. On day one they will assess your Korean Language skills and will assign a class to you accordingly. There are 9 levels (from beginners to advanced class) and by word-of-mouth they have loads of students visiting them regularly for learning Korean. And they really have the best tutors to teach you Korean.

Directions to Onnuri Church – Get down at Seobinggo and come out of the station. No specific exit. Just come out and take a right. Get down. Walk and you will find directions to the Church.. Keep walking till you reach.

Otherwise you can take any of these buses – 0015, 149, 6621 to reach Onnuri Church. It will drop you bang opposite the church.

For more information you can contact Jessie: oemkorean@gmail.com


Lost in Translation

3 03 2010

If this is the first time you are visiting Korea and you are planning to stay here for a long time then it is important for you to visit the Seoul Global Center.  SGC was launched recently keeping in mind the problems faced by foreigners who come to Korea for job or a short visit.

The common problem faced by every foreigner coming to Korea for the first time is that they get lost in the Translation. They cannot speak Korean and most Koreans cannot speak English. So at that moment they need a mediator and that is where SGC comes into picture. Not necessarily to help you in your day to day translation but to help you get settled.

SGC can help you in many a ways. They can help you in resolving your conflicts, teaching you Korean language, give you some orientation on Korean Culture, help you in buying a mobile, making new friends etc. etc.

You can visit their website for more information: http://global.seoul.go.kr/

And you can also read their blog where they have very informative article: http://www.seoulcityblog.com/

Understanding Korean Characters

25 01 2010
People who are learning Korean (Hangul) for the first time might find it confusing to learn it as korean character pronounciation are not mapped exactly to english character pronounciation. Meaning Hangul does not have certain characters in their pronounciation. So accordingly:
  • G & K are pronounced the same in words like gimbap or kimbap (korean dish), kacchi kayo or gacchi gayo (meaning lets go together)
  • B & P are pronounced the same in words like nuraebang or nuraepang (koraoke room)
  • L & R are pronounced the same in words like laymeon or raymoen (Ramen noodles)
  • CH and J are pronounced the same (sometimes) in words like chuseyo or juseyo (I’d like to..)
  • And finally T & D are pronounced the same in words like dowa juseyo or towa juseyo(please help)
  • Certain characters are pronounced differently if they are followed by a vowel than a consotant.
  • The Korean character O is a null consonant. So if it appears in the beginning of any word then it is ignored in the pronounciation, whereas if it comes at the end of any word then it is pronounced as -ng.
Plus the sentence structure is different from Englidh. In Korean they have a subject followed by an object followed by a verb (SOV). So native english speakers might find it a bit challenging to learn Korean. But for Indians it is close to learning a language like hindi (devanagiri) as korean words are made up of vowels (matras like aa, ee, oo) and consonants like (ma, na, ka, ba, ta). Similarly koreans might find it difficult to pronounce certain words in English, so a literal translation of an English to Korean word might look like a typo but could actually be a limitation.
Just like any other language, there are a few rules which one needs to keep in mind while learning Korean and then you would be fine using it in your daily communication.
For me, reading the book – Teach Yourself Korean (by Vincent, Mark & Yeon, Jaehoon) has helped me a great deal in simplifying my Korean Language learning.

Free weekend classes for learning Korean (Hangul) in Seoul

13 01 2010

By far I have come across two communities in Seoul which offer Free Korean Classes to foreigners.

One is Hangul Kongubang which means Korean Study Room in English.  It is located at Kalwal Community Welfare Center close to Soomyung Womens Univ. subway station (Line 4) – Exit 2.

They have classes every Saturday in the evening from 4.00 pm onwards. Its an ongoing batch so you can join in any time of the year. For more information you can visit their website – Hangul Kongubang.

The other community which offers free korean classes is OEM Korean Class. It is located at Mission Bldg. 3rd Floor near Seobinggo station (National Railroad line, line #1) and From Ichon station (line 4). They have classes every Saturday in the morning from 11.00 am to 1.00 pm.

They dont have any website which I have come across but they have a group on facebook which you can join and check for more details.

Both the communities dont charge you for the classes but you are expected to pay very nominal fee for the study material. And apart from that you are expected to pay a bit more sincerity in attending these sessions regularly.

Happy learning 🙂

Useful Websites for learning Korean (Hangul) for freee!

12 01 2010

There are a lot of websites which offer free korean lessons. Just search google and you will come across zillions of them. But not all are that good.

I have come across a few website which are good on the basis of its content, ease of navigation(usability), structure.

They are as follows:

The one below are suggested by Supriseaplenty.

In case if you have come across any other site which is important please share the same with me.

Thanks *^^*

Books for learning Korean Language – Hangul

12 01 2010

I am sure there are loads of books available in the market to teach Korean Language – Hangul but I find these two books to be very helpful for someone who is planning to learn it on his own. It is straighforward and comprehensive.

The first one is – Korean Phrasebook by LonelyPlanet. Its a pocket size book and is really very comprehensive. It is economically priced too. You can order the book from the following site:

The second one is – Teach Yourself Korean by Mark Vincent. This book has detailed chapters with dialogue scenarios. Breakdown of each scenario. Grammar points. Exercises. It is best to read this book along with the accompanying CD as it makes it much easier to understand the Korean pronounciation.

In case if you have come across any other interesting book or website on learning Korean then please add it in your comment.

Thanks *^^*