Jai Hind Korean Ishtyle..

19 05 2010

Desi Gal.. , originally uploaded by breeze-O.

The Buddhas Birthday Lantern Parade happens a week before Buddhas Birthday from Dongdaemun to Jogyesa Temple. The entire Jongno Street is lit up with lanterns and people are cheering on both the sides of the street. If you visit Korea around May make sure you don’t miss this event.

I reached Dongdaemun a bit early before the Lantern Parade could start where I got this good opportunity to take a few behind the scene pictures of the parade. There was this huge queue of floats waiting for the parade to begin and people taking pictures with the guys all decked up in their costumes for the event. In one such float I came across this beautiful lady wearing a Saree. I almost missed her in the first glance and had gone ahead, but with a fleeting glance of this girl in a Saree I had to walk back to the float. And make her say ‘Kimchi’ for my lenses.