27 04 2010
Brujas Bolar

Brujas Bolar (Witches Ready to Fly)...

This definitely has to be one of the best coincidences in my life.

A Painting that coincides with my name Brijesh Bolar:

Brujas Bolar (Witches Ready to Fly) by Francico Goya. 1796-1797 – genuine hand painted oil painting on canvas. Drawing from the Madrid Album (B.56); Chinese ink, wash. 23.7 x 15 cm


Weekly Winner – Korean Herald – 20th April 2010

22 04 2010

Carlos Steiner Yeosu.., originally uploaded by breeze-O.

This one of mine won the photo challenge and got published in Korean Herald under the Expat Living section on 20th April.

I clicked this on our trip to Mt. Youngchisan, Yeosu with Seoul Hiking Group just after sunrise. After reaching the sunrise point, Handsome n Suave Carlos Steiner started posing on the edge of the cliff for our shutter bugs. A perfect moment for us to capture him on our lenses.

I went ahead and submitted this photo to Seoul Photo Club on Flickr and the rest as you know it by now…

Thanks to Seoul Photo Club for giving us the platform to share and learn and for making me the weekly winner.
Thanks to Warren for organizing such a wonderful trip.
Thanks to Carlos for giving such a killer pose.

Cute-um Buddha at Insa Dong

19 03 2010

Cute-um Buddha.., originally uploaded by breeze-O.

This is by far one of my cutest finds.. Cute Gautam Buddha amongst the streets of Insa Dong.

It was kept inside a shop among other antiques and I could not help but capture it when I saw it. It was like love at first sight.. Instant attraction.. infatuation.. whatever you call it..

Insa Dong is really popular amongst tourist as you ll find all traditional stuff offered for sale.. from korean dolls to handicrafts, for cups to korean tea, from sculpture to all the things which are good to see but of not much use you will be able to find here..

Its a must visit walk for every photographer and alike visiting Korea.. you fill find many a mementos here for gifting it to your loved ones at home..

Getting there – Anguk Station, exit 6.. Jonggak Station, exit 3.. Jongno 3 (sam)-ga Station, exit 1..

Do you remember your lines…

19 03 2010

Do you remember your lines…, originally uploaded by breeze-O.

One of my photograph on Flickr which has received maximum views, maximum comments and have been fav’d by so many expert photographers.. Yipppeeeee!!!

I had taken this image inside an art gallery between Insa-Dong and Bukchon Village… I liked this place the moment I saw it and felt like capturing it immediately on my lenses…

Thanks a lot for viewing it..