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31 05 2010

Hi there,
I am also from India and working in Suwon. I am here for the last 4 years. I saw ur blog accidently and its very informative and nice to read. Thank you and all the best for your writing skills.

31 05 2010
Brijesh Bolar

Thanks a lot Damodaran Sir.

22 06 2010

This is a very random comment but I don’t know who or where else to look. I found your blog on google. I have a question for you. I am also an expat living in Korea and work for a Korean company. I know it isn’t easy for an expat living in Korea to find a good job. My company is interested in hiring some engineers from India but don’t know where to look. So I was wondering if you could refer to me some type of blog or web site that Indian expats read?

I know this is a really random request, I appreciate you taking the time to help me.


22 07 2010


Loved what ever I could read at your blog at this hour. I’ve just returned from a month long stay in Busan. I am an Indian and my wife is a Korean. Every time we visit my in-laws, I find Korea to be charming than before.

This time we’ve been seriously considering settling in Korea and start some business there. I’ve read about the rules for spouses working in Korea and self-employment seems to be a better option because of my current work profile.

Btw, I too am O+ 😉



6 08 2010


I am Brian from Huijun Communications. I came across your blog and was amazed by your effort of posting articles on living in Korea.

As you may know already, there is none that many can post their articles and share their thoughts, and find valuable information on Korea. At Huijun Communications, we are currently in the works of creating a website http://www.lifeinkorea.kr, please check this website that serves as a hub and a community for foreign nationals living in Korea.

By inviting bloggers like you, sharing, and gathering more practical information on and living in Korea, we want to make life easier for other foreigners living in Korea. Our vision is to eventually create a website where people can get all info and service they want through this website without need of searching and looking here and there, and through which people communicate with Koreans also.

Many bloggers showed their interest and joined in our website by posting their articles to share with others. If you have any suggestions, we are always open to hear from you. Again, thank you for your help and participation.

You can start posting your articles any time now to share with others.

Truly yours, Brian.

18 09 2010
Neelendra Singh

Hi Brijesh,
i have landed in Seoul just a few days back and I have referred to your blog a few times since then. I must tell you its great work!
In this land of only a few Indians, I think your blog is quite reassuring and certainly serves as a quick start guide!
Is there a number I can call you at?….there are a few more things a newbee may want to know and you know how we are more comfortabel speaking to a desi:).


25 10 2010
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Another a informative great writeup by the author hope to come back more very soon.

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