Indian Grocery items in Seoul, Korea

9 09 2010

Lot of Indians visiting Korea for the first time have asked me about the Indian Grocery items available in Korea. Specially vegetarians who have to cook their own food.

So here is the rundown of the common grocery item available. Most of them are from Indian subcontinent but some are from other Asian countries too, like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Thailand etc.

  1. Rice – Thai rice, Jasmine rice, Basmati rice are easily available. For daily cooking people use Thai rice.
  2. Wheat – Pillsburry and various branded atta is available. Some shops also provide loose atta which works out cheaper.
  3. Spices – Garam masala powder as well as saboot (whole) are available. Apart from that you can also get ready made spices for sambar, chhole, chat, rajma, chicken, vegetable etc.
  4. Daal – pulses like udad daal, masoor daal, tuver daal, moong, masoor daal, rajma, chhole channa, brown channa etc.
  5. Ready to cook – lot of ready to cook sabji, parathas, rotis are available. Ready made Idli mix, Dosa Mix, Gulab Jamun mix are available.
  6. Oil – ground nut oil,  soya bean oil, olive oil, sun flower oil
  7. Ghee – pure from Amul and other brands.
  8. Snacks – from Haldiraam.
  9. Sweets – jalebi, gulab jamun, son papdi.
  10. Other times like paneer, poha, rava, maida, condensed milk, curd, ginger garlic paste, sour cream, different types of sauces, maggi, dhania, jeera, mustard seeds, haldi (turmeric powder), chilli powder, imli, kokam, grated coconut and many other items.

The availability of all the above items are subject to change as per the items stocked in the shop.




3 responses

9 09 2010

Nice info. Thanks for this useful one mate!! I am following you regularly. I am here in South Korea for the past 5 years.

7 10 2010

Where can I find Absmati/Thai rice in Seoul ??

7 10 2010
Brijesh Bolar

Dear Anjali,

You can find Basmati / Thai rice and other grocery items mentioned above at the Foreign Mart in Itaewon. 5 more mins ahead of Foreign Mart close to the Itaewon Mosque is one more shop named – Marhabba. You can find it over there too..

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