Indian English in the news

26 07 2010

English is now our second language as more Indians speak English than any other language. Also, the English speakers in India outnumber those in all of western Europe, not counting the United Kingdom. And Indian English-speakers are more than twice the UK’s population. Click here for more..

A leading expert on English says that Indian English will conquer globe by forcing speakers routinely to learn two varieties of the language — one spoken in their home country and a new kind of Standard English with pronounced Indian characteristics. Click here for more..

English has marched on and become the second largest medium in India’s primary schools, after Hindi. Click here for more..

Many top US law firms are hiring Indian lawyers (proficient in English) to edit and make grammatical and syntax corrections in legal drafts/contracts prepared by their lawyers. Click here for more..




4 responses

8 08 2010

I love how your blog is layed out and more so on what it contains.

I commented on recruiterinkorea’s blog on “The Filipino Teacher Debate” but my comment didn’t get posted. I wonder why.

I loved all the comments you’ve posted there.

Just wanted to drop you a comment to thank you for, in a way, speaking out for a good number of non native speakers who can teach English, “Oh yes we can!!!”.

Thank you.

8 08 2010
Brijesh Bolar

Thanks Revon,

Guess your comment will get posted after approval..

You are welcome and wish you the best. 🙂

9 08 2010

Thanks Brijesh,

You’re blog is really interesting.

Take good care always.

Best Regards

18 08 2010

I remember learning the phrase ‘cent per-cent’* while on a train in Bengal Province. Did I learn Latin or English?
*- It means 100 per-cent. I didn’t understand until the man explained it to me, although it looks obvious when written.

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