Can Indians teach English?

14 06 2010

Yes, Definitely!

Its not that we can.. but we do…

But there are many a native speakers who have certain misconceptions or doubts about Indians and their ability to teach English.  And I do not blame them because they are more or less speaking from their experience or their interaction with the Indians they have met so far.

But a mere percentage of Indians one would meet would not represent the whole of India. With this article I would like to clarify that there is more to India than meets the eye.

So what are those misconceptions…

“If I wanted to learn Chinese, I’d much rather learn it from someone who grew up in China (even if they were white!) than from someone who studied it in school for a couple of years.”

Let me clarify, Indians do not study English in some school for couple of years. It is rather the only language in which they study, finish their degree and later work. The corporate world in India does business in English. From media to publication everything is printed in English most of the time. Yes an Indian may not be qualified to teach languages like French, Chinese, German etc. because as rightly pointed out above they study it only for a few years. But that is not the case with English. All the subjects are taught in English from the time a kid starts attending kinder garden.

“Are  Indians are more qualified to teach English than their current E-2-qualified counterparts? Do you think most people would agree with that mindset?”

An average Indian would not be qualified enough to teach English. But I am talking about that section where a) They have majored in literature / English b) Have been trained in a call center to interact with natives c) Are working as writers, journalists d) Have cleared their TOEFL, IELTS, CPE, ESOL etc. or e) Are qualified to teach English via TESOL, TEFL, etc.  A teaching certification or degree (along with experience) is a must for non-natives. They should have an aptitude for teaching English. Also from what I understand Korean Government is testing out this approach of hiring Indian Teachers and depending upon their performance they may or may not hire more teachers. It is more like an experiment so people will agree after they see the result for themselves.

“So would a student prefer learning English from a native or an Indian?”

It is true that the vox populi of the students in Korea is that Natives can be better English Teachers. But to a great extent the belief is more to do with the exposure. Students here are more exposed more to the native English speaking teachers as compared to Indian teachers. Also, the Indians which they (and I) have met here do have problem with their fluency. But that is just a small portion of India that the Koreans are exposed to and the very reason they (including me) are here is not because of their English Speaking skills but their technical or Business skills.

But then the Fluent English Speaking junta of India would normally prefer working in any native country, Singapore, Malaysia, Middle East or India. India offers a lot of opportunity for them to work as writers and journalists. Writing has created a lot of job opportunities in India – copy writing, content writing, technical writing, instructional designers and so on. And with the demand for education abroad a lot of Indians also work as English Teachers in India to help students clear their TOEFL and IELTS.

Given an opportunity, any of these guys with considerable experience in teaching and writing will take the initiative to teach English to non English speaking countries like Korea and in a few years put (or rather push) India in the list of preferable countries for teaching English.

It is all about awareness. And with this and my previous post here and here I m doing my bit to create awareness about the English Speaking junta of India.

This is just the beginning..


Korea Vs Greece

13 06 2010

The World Cup fever is now here in Korea and how.

There are many a parks and public places in Korea these days where the Korean Government as well as biggies like Hyundai, SKT are hosting the World Cup live using Massive LCD screens… and it is one awesome experience.

So yesterday I had been to Seoul Plaza, City Hall to experience the Korea vs Greece match with my friends. And regardless of the weather – THE RAINS – the whole of Korea was out on the streets in their true spirits to cheer for their team.

It was so much fun to see everyone in red tees and wearing the Red Devil Horns..

And as we all know – KOREA WON… to the cheering of the crowd – DAE HAN MIN GUK – all the way..

Korean Traditional Wedding.

3 06 2010

Thanks to my dear friend Soon, that I got an opportunity to witness this Lavish yet Traditional Korean Wedding. It was an awesome experience for me and luckily the commentators were explaining the rituals in English. So here are pictures with detailed description about the rituals from what I remember..

The Wedding Hall Exterior.

The Ajummas from the Brides family welcoming the guests.

The German Groom Marshal along with his parent welcoming the guests. The Groom is dressed in Korean Traditional Wedding Hanbok.

The Wedding Hall...

The Musicians..

The Groom bowing in front of God.

The Korean God.

The Beautiful Bride and the Ajummas

The Cute Little Maid of Honor..

The Ajummas in Blue gossiping under a tree.

The Guests.

The Beautiful Bride in her Korean Wedding Attire.

The Wedding Commentators. One was commenting in Korean and the other one in English.

Before the wedding..

The mom-in-laws lighting the red and blue candles and then greeting each other..

The Groom arrives in a Gama (Palanquin) led by men.

The Groom holding the Wooden Goose. The goose is a supposed to have only one partner in its life time so it symbolises trust, loyalty and fidelity..

The Bride arrives in the Gama..

As per tradition, the Bride and the Groom meeting for the first time. But the Bride has to cover her face.

The wedding procession now begins.

Angel with her Eternal Smile.

The Groom can see the Brides face only after the wedding procession is complete.

The Bride drinking the holy water.

The Groom drinking the holy water.

Korean Traditional Wedding.

The Groom hands over the wooden goose to the Brides mom promising that he will always be loyal to his wife.

The Bride and the Groom.

The Funny Band singing English Songs on wedding.

Korean Band singing Korean Wedding Songs.

Now that the wedding is over, The Bride and the Groom are enjoying the music.

And last but not the least, is the delicious food…

Korean Public Schools to hire Indian Teachers.

3 06 2010

Here is the silver lining for Indians who are looking at Korea for job as an English Teacher.

As per Brian in Jeollanam-do blog Korean Public schools are looking at hiring 12 Guest Indian English Teachers for fall 2010.

For more details and applying for this job you can visit his blog:

EPIK to hire 12 Indian English Teacher for fall 2010.

Thanks a lot Brian for sharing this news.

Please note: the last day for submitting your application is 20 June 2010. So hurry up.