Indian Restaurants in Seoul

28 04 2010

It has been more than 8 months now ever since I moved to Seoul. And as every foodie would do I started exploring the Indian Restaurants in Seoul. Koreans and people from other countries are extremely fond of Indian food and to serve them and us you will find many a Indian Restaurants in Seoul. There are many Indian restaurants in Seoul and most of them serve good food and some also have vegetarian dishes on their menu.

Most of the Indian restaurants are run either by a Nepali or a Pakistani capitalizing on the brand name India. Some are run by Indians. Some serve buffet on weekends whereas others are à la carte where you can order by the menu.  Below is the rundown of restaurants I have visited personally.

Foreign Restaurant at Itaewon – serves buffet on weekends for lunch and dinner and thali set on weekdays. On weekdays the price for a thali would be around 6000 KRW but  on weekend (Fri / Sat / Sun) the price of buffet per plate goes up to 16000 KRW approx. But still it is value for money as after having an elaborate lunch you can easily skip all your other meals.

Chakra at Itaewon – serves buffet (approx 15000 KRW) on weekends and you also have the option to order food by menu. Chakra (at Hannam) is famous amongst South Indian community as they serve South Indian delicacies on many a occasion. Chakra has branches in Seoul, Suwon and many other places.

Durga – has many a branches in Seoul. The one I had been to was in the Jongno area, where we had to order our food by the menu. We found it reasonably priced and the food was good. I liked the biryani they served here as compared to Shanti.

Potala – serves Tibetan, Nepalese and Indian food. Very courteous staff and frequently visited by Vegetarians, Vegans and Monks. The hotel serves both veg and non-veg cuisines but they would attend to your vegetarian needs personally and will cook without onion, garlic etc. to suit your palate. The food is yummy and we kept on ordering more and more. The one I visited is located in Myeongdong.

Shanti – has branches in Sinchon and Hongdae. It has a good decor but the prices are in line with other restaurants. I did not like the biryani they served me, but the nepali staff here is very helpful.

Namaste – has many branches across Seoul. We visited the Sinsa branch and found the decor to be awesome. But it is priced slightly towards the higher side. One set meal would cost you around 19000 KRW. The food is good but what I did not like is that for rice they serve korean sticky rice with Indian gravy. For the price they charge they better serve Basmati or Jasmine rice.

Utsav – at Hongdae (close to Sangsu Station) has an awesome decor. The moment you enter this restaurant it seems you have entered some kinda fort in India.. What I like best is that they serve Sizzlers here. Not as good as Yokos, Kobes or Pop Tates but still its good. The Buffet is okay and I feel it is bit highly priced for the items in the menu they serve. But it could be a good place to visit for a romantic dinner and mostly in the evenings.

Om – is in Samcheon Dong. I have not tried this yet. But my friends who have tried it find this place ok. ttp://

Everest – in Dongdaemun is so famous that if you go there on a weekend you will have to stand in a queue amongst Koreans to order your food. The food is delicious and is well priced. Everest is also one of the oldest restaurant and is managed by a Nepali Family. There are two Everest in Dongdaemun. The one on the main road and the one inside. This one which I am talking about is inside. You can find the details to get there by visiting their website –

Yamuna – again in Dongdaemun serves food just like ghar ka khaana. A nepali restaurant which serves awesome momos and nepali thali. They also cook vegetarian food on demand using separate utensils catering both to Jain as well the ones who dont eat onion and garlic.

Persian Palace – is in Hyewa. I visited this place with my Korean office colleagues and I must say I did like the food. The menu is not Indian, it is Persian. But to me it tastes all the same. If you like Indian Food then you must try this food too.

There are many other restaurants too – Raja Rani in Hoegi, Taj mahal in Hongdae, Amma in Sinchon and many others. Some are priced well and some are exorbitantly priced. Most serve North Indian or Punjabi delicacies. But nothing beats the prasadam served for free  at the Krishna Korea Temple every Sunday at Haebangchon, Noksapyeong (close to Itaewon).

Other websites:

You can also read the reviews of a few restaurants at KMK’s blog.




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28 04 2010
Indian Food Buff

My friend in Korea keeps on looking for restaurant to spend the lunch with. I’m suggesting to her Indian restaurants, she might love the foods there.

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