Indian Music (FM Radio), Movies, TV, Newspaper and Books (Fiction)

28 04 2010

Since I am an avid reader let me start first with books. Most of the bookshops I have visited in Korea have a section on Foreign books. The foreign book section would have English, French, Japanese and books in other languages.  So in a bigger bookstore like Kyobo 70-80% of the bookstore would be dedicated to just Books in Korean Language and the rest to books in foreign language. So that way one would have a very limited choice when it comes to English Language books in Korea. The only Indian (NRI) writer books I saw in Korea were – Jhumpa Lahiri, Arundhati Roy, Salman Rushdie, V. S. Naipaul. Surprisingly the booker winners like Kiran Desai and Aravind Adiga were not to be seen. Most of the popular firang writers are available. And sorry no pirated copies of books are available like the way they are available back home. So all you Chetan Bhagat, Shobha De, Karan Bajaj, Manju Kapoor and other Indian writer fans out there please get your copies of favorite writers when you are moving to Korea.

Hindi Movies DVD’s are available (sorry not in a bookstore) but in the Foreign Mart at Itaewon. Otherwise you can also watch your share of hindi movies here.

You can watch popular Hindi TV channels like zee, sony, star, zoom, sab n others here.

And for online FM radios you can listen to them here and here. Just coz of some legal issues you will not be able to hear any Indian FM channels online. The one that are available are international Hindi FM radio channels which plays latest hindi music.

And for reading Times of India, Economic Times, Mirror, Crest (ditto) click here.




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28 04 2010
Indian Music (FM Radio), Movies, TV and Books (Fiction) « Just … : ZeroKata

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