Weekend Korean Classes at Onnuri Church near Seobinggo Station. Line 1

19 03 2010

Onnuri Church at Seobingo. Line 1, originally uploaded by breeze-O.

On weekends I attend my Korean Class @ Onnuri Guhe..

The Onnuri Church at Seobingo offers Korean Classes for free (tutoring) on weekends at all levels. The classes are held on Saturdays 11 am to 1 pm. On joining you are required to pay for the books, which is around 30,000 won and for snacks – again around 30,000 won (each term).

These classes are open for all. On day one they will assess your Korean Language skills and will assign a class to you accordingly. There are 9 levels (from beginners to advanced class) and by word-of-mouth they have loads of students visiting them regularly for learning Korean. And they really have the best tutors to teach you Korean.

Directions to Onnuri Church – Get down at Seobinggo and come out of the station. No specific exit. Just come out and take a right. Get down. Walk and you will find directions to the Church.. Keep walking till you reach.

Otherwise you can take any of these buses – 0015, 149, 6621 to reach Onnuri Church. It will drop you bang opposite the church.

For more information you can contact Jessie: oemkorean@gmail.com




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13 05 2010
Free weekend classes for learning Korean (Hangul) in Seoul « Just Another Indian in Korea

[…] other community which offers free korean classes is OEM Korean Class. It is located at Mission Bldg. 3rd Floor near Seobinggo station (National Railroad line, line #1) […]

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