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28 01 2010

Seoul Mate at  Namsan Tower

The best thing that has happened to me (and to you if you are in Korea) is that I have Seoul-Mate.

Yes, it’s Seoul-Mate, who is your guide and your friend when you are in Seoul. S. Korea.

How??? It is pretty simple. Just log on to their site – and just book yourself for one of their weekend tours for free. That’s about it.

Why free??? Because the best things in life are for free 🙂

Who are they??? University students who volunteer as special Seoul tour guides to non-Korean tourists for free (on weekends). So that you can make Korean Friends (Chingu) and understand the culture of Seoul through their tour programs.

Why? Because it is more fun, more active and close to real Korean life. And as per their motto:

“When you meet Seoul, find SeoulMate. We will always be with you.”

So obviously you would want to know what tours they offer. Well, for that you need to visit their website on a regular basis and check the Schedule under Tour Information link because it is updated regularly.

Still curious! Okay let me tell you more.  Seoul-Mate offer many a different kind of tours but they can broadly be classified in 2 categories – Regular tours and Impromptu tours.

Tours like Bukchon Hanok Village tour, Mt. Namsan Romantic Tour, The Seodaemun Prison Break Tour, Heojun Museum Tour, Temple and the city – Gangnam Tour are conducted on a regular basis. Where as the Han River Holiday Tour, Catchaball (Baseball with Seoul-Mate) are conducted as per the event or the season.

Seoul Mate at Hangang Park

For detailed description you can visit this section on their website:

To book the tour you need to visit this section:

And if you have any queries or you need any info you get mail to:

Make sure you get more friends with you on these tours. Even if you are alone it does not matter coz I am sure you will end up making new friends in this tour just like the way I did.

Below are some pictures of the Bukchon Hanok Village tour I had with Seoul-Mate. Hope you guys enjoy watching this snaps as much as I enjoyed my tour with them.




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10 02 2010

Hey! Thanks for gorgeous introduction of SeoulMate 🙂 I love it ;D

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