10 best things about Koreans

14 01 2010

Here are the top 10 things I like about Korea(n)s

#10 – Koreans like to work hard and party even harderrrr.. They are very hardworking and you would find them working late till night in their office. And come weekend you will find all the clubs n pubs n restaurants in Korea completely packed 🙂

#9 – Koreans are very punctual. Infact extremely punctual. If you are working in Korea you are not allowed to reach office late – not even a minute.

#8 – Koreans are very Hygienic. You might find an average Korean brushing his teeth atleast 3 times a day.

#7 – Koreans are very health conscious. Just order any Korean dish and you will get so many side dishes full of veggies n sprouts n tofu. Plus green tea, ginseng and various other herbs. What more do you want 🙂

#6 – Koreans like to shop. There are so many places to shop in Korea – Malls, Subways, Streets, Department Stores, Websites, Television etc. You get amazing choices and best of quality in whatever you purchase.

#5 – Koreans love watching Movies. There are so many Korean movies for which Hollywood has bought the rights for and Bollywood has openly or rather shamelessly copied it in the name of inspiration.

#4 – Koreans love Music. That is one of the reason why there are so many Nuraebangs (Karooke Rooms) in Korea. Plus on a weekend just go for a walk at Hongdae and you will come across live bands performing in some park, restaurants with live music, underground music clubs and many more…

#3 – Koreans love Soccer. As well as basket ball, baseball, cycling, hiking, taekwando, skiing, snow boarding, golf, badminton.. you get it…

#2 – Koreans are tech-savvy. Korea has the biggest IT infrastructure as compared to any other country. IT majors like LG and Samsung has made the lifestyles of Koreans very convenient by offering hi tech mobiles and gadgets. Plus Korea has the highest net speed, around 20 Mbps. e-commerce is a very big industry in Korea.

#1 – And last but not the least, Koreans will make you feel at home away from home. Koreans are really down to earth persons. They will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. They are very accomodating and in general they have a very good attitude towards foreigners. They are friendly, helpful, considerate and good people to hang out with.




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