Useful Websites for learning Korean (Hangul) for freee!

12 01 2010

There are a lot of websites which offer free korean lessons. Just search google and you will come across zillions of them. But not all are that good.

I have come across a few website which are good on the basis of its content, ease of navigation(usability), structure.

They are as follows:

The one below are suggested by Supriseaplenty.

In case if you have come across any other site which is important please share the same with me.

Thanks *^^*




4 responses

4 03 2010

how about my site? ^^

I really like your articles.
A lot of useful information about korea here ^^

4 03 2010
Brijesh Bolar

Thanks KimchiCrew.. and I like your site too. Frankly speaking it is one of the sites which I visit frequently these days to learn new Korean terms and phrases.

And a big thank you for reading my articles….

18 08 2010

Some of the content is free, although I think you need the written supplements that are only available if you pay.
I don’t know why, but I feel this site has limited Korean, but what is there is very well done. I don’t know, i guess I just feel it needs more vocabulary.

18 08 2010
Brijesh Bolar

Thanks Shareaplenty for your inputs… I will update this post accordingly.

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