Landing in Korea

12 01 2010

After having a smooth journey through cathay pacific airlines I finally landed Incheon Airport on 17th Dec. 09. My friend had already instructed me to take the airport bus to Sinchon and not a taxi as it might cost me a bomb. He was right the cab driver told me that it would take 75000 won (75$) whereas the Airport Bus fare was just around 9000 won (9$). So I took the bus.

It helped me that I was carrying a printout of the mail my friend has sent me with the names of the stations printed on it. Coz pronounciation is a big problem and it really helps to have things written down on paper. Later when I stepped out of the Airport and in the main city Seoul I got to know that even communication was a major problem here. Koreans dont speak English fluently. Rather it is safe to assume that they dont speak English much. So either you communicate with them in Korean or use sign language.

For me I had no option but to use sign language. Why? coz I had lost my way. I got down one stop earlier and with no cell phone to contact my friend I was completely stranded in this strange city. Finally I did manage to call him from a public phone booth and with the help of a Korean Lady who could speak little English I did manage to reach my destination – Sinchon.

All that starts well ends well too. And that is how my first day ended in Seoul. I finally reached my destination inspite of all the hurdles. So the moral of the lesson is that it is better to have someone come and pick you at the airport.

For someone who is coming here for the first time Korea might seem like a neverland initially with most of the signboards in Hangul. It might take a week or two to get used to the life in Korea and after that everything would seem smooth. And I am sure once you get a hang of this place you would enjoy staying here as much as I am enjoying it now.




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