Books for learning Korean Language – Hangul

12 01 2010

I am sure there are loads of books available in the market to teach Korean Language – Hangul but I find these two books to be very helpful for someone who is planning to learn it on his own. It is straighforward and comprehensive.

The first one is – Korean Phrasebook by LonelyPlanet. Its a pocket size book and is really very comprehensive. It is economically priced too. You can order the book from the following site:

The second one is – Teach Yourself Korean by Mark Vincent. This book has detailed chapters with dialogue scenarios. Breakdown of each scenario. Grammar points. Exercises. It is best to read this book along with the accompanying CD as it makes it much easier to understand the Korean pronounciation.

In case if you have come across any other interesting book or website on learning Korean then please add it in your comment.

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One response

3 09 2010

Brijesh, nice to read your blog.
The Korean learning book ‘Survival’ by Stephen Revere who is host of Arirang TV’s Let’s Speak Korean..This is nice book with easy way to learn and best, avoid mistakes while learning new language and particularly, Korean which is different for us at least.

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